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Booking a Private Lesson

Private Lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. A private lesson is a “one-on-one” lesson (for a student or students) with your instructor where you will receive individualized attention, learning specifically what you want to work on. The pace at which your instructor teaches is entirely based on your needs and you can feel comfortable asking questions and taking your time to learn.

Private lessons are beneficial for:

    * Reinforcing skills learned in group classes 
    * Catching up on material for missed classes
    * Preparing for competitions
    * Learning, leading and following skills

How do I book a private lesson?
We encourage you to visit the front desk or contact us at 803-394-5-8540 to book a private.

Private Lesson Terms:

A student may not schedule a private lesson with BWDA until the student has a zero balance. Private lessons with Ms. Jasmine will post to your account and must be paid prior to scheduling another private lesson. Private lessons with all other BWDA Staff or Guest Choreographers must be paid at the time of the Private Lesson and paid directly to the BWDA Staff member or Guest Choreographer.  You may be ineligible for future private lessons if you do not pay on time for your private lesson. If a private lesson is scheduled and the student fails to show, without notice, the student will be billed a "No Call No Show Fee" that totals half of the cost of the originally scheduled private lesson. At least 24 hours notice is required for private cancellations. Failure to provide proper cancellation may result in a "Private Cancellation Fee without Proper Notice", at the discretion of the teacher, that totals up to half of the cost of the originally scheduled private lesson. A student will be ineligible for future privates until all cancellation fee's are paid.