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Walk Through View of BWDA Safety Expectations

Scroll down for Guidelines

New Safety Guidelines at BWDA

  1. All chairs have been removed from the lobby as we are not allowing parents/guardians into the studio unless for emergencies or cash payment purposes. If you need to speak with our receptionist or make a payment, we are allowing 3 people in the lobby at a time, spaced out with our marked 6 feet distance floor markers.
  2. New Entrances/Exits:
    • Entrances will remain locked until staff opens them to switch out students from class to class. Please do not attempt to drop off students more than 5 minutes before their class start time as we must keep our headcount low in the studio. Please also pick up students on time when classes have ended.
    • We are locking the middle dressing room and using our facility as two separate spaces as to maximize our classes.
    • Classes in Studio B: You will enter at our front entrance where you will see signs that say “Entrance Only (Studio B Classes).” You will exit at the door leading to the back parking lot as “Exit Only.”
    • Classes in Studio C: You will enter at our side entrance facing the park (closest to the convenience store) where you will see signs that say “Entrance Only (Studio C Classes).” You will exit at the door leading to the back parking lot as “Exit Only.”
    • Picking up students: Parents please pick up students at our posted exits in the back parking lot. We will have staff escorting them out of each exit after classes end.
  3. At our front doors there will be a no contact thermometer to check their temperature, along with hand sanitizer for each student. If your child’s temperature is above 100 degrees F, they will not be allowed into class. Please stay until your children have been safely accepted by one of our team members.
  4. Most classes will be 50 minutes long. This allows our staff members 10 minutes between each class to clean barres, mats and sanitize what has been used before the next class arrives. We will have sanitizing spray available throughout each class as well.
  5. Our staff will have their temperatures checked before entering the building. Our teachers will be teaching with a “hands off” approach as much as possible to ensure that everyone is kept safe.
  6. PLEASE, if you or your child are showing signs of, or have been around anyone showing signs of illness, keep them at home
  7. Bring dancers already dressed and ready for class as to keep dressing room traffic low.
  8. We offered a discounted tuition while we were teaching our classes virtually. Beginning June 1st, now that we are back in the building, tuition rates will go back to the 100% rate based on the number of classes you sign up for:
    • 1 class/week= $60/month
    • 2 classes/week= $100/month
    • 3 classes/week= $140/month
    • 4 classes/week= $180/month
    • Unlimited classes/week= $220/month
  9. Please keep in mind that even with all these precautions we have put in place, it does not guarantee that you or your child will not be exposed to COVID-19.